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  1.  Bad Press this week for us Healers:-

    A north London woman who posed as a faith healer to con victims out of £1m to fund her extravagant lifestyle has been jailed for 10 years.

    She said the money would be used as a spiritual offering to cure health problems, including terminal illnesses and infertility.

    The woman from Hampstead said the money was a "sacrifice" and that it would be hung in the Amazon rainforest. The money was instead used to buy designer handbags, luxury holidays and antique furniture. One lady handed over £200,000 over seven years. People can be vulnerable, and with that said can cling onto any hope of finding a cure or reconnecting with a loved one.

    I am lucky to have a great support network of friends who work in this field should I ever feel lost or need guidance, I am safe in the knowledge that these people are there for me. However, there are many who do not. My advice for people that do not have a support network is look for a spiritualist church in your area. Find yours at many may charge a small fee but nearly all of them will put you in a distant healing book or add you to the prayers of the day.

    The local church’s can put you in touch with trusted healers as well as word of mouth. I personally have new people come to me that have been recommended by people I have healed before, so if its Reiki, life Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Angelic Healing do your homework.

    So please do not be a victim, if in doubt tell the person who has asked for money that you have none and you will get back to them. Do not be afraid to say NO!!!

    If you would like some distant healing sent me a message via my contact form to be placed into my Distant Healing Book!